Presentation Topics

  1. The Art of Perfecting Perfectionism: Many people consider their perfectionism to be one of their most valuable attributes and critical for success in achieving one’s life goals. However, many perfectionists recognize that their perfectionism pays off in one context, but backfires in another. Even when using the exact same strategy! This evidence based workshop helps perfectionists navigate the when, why and how of perfectionism. Don’t lower the bar, learn to be more strategic.– Next talks will be July 29, 2012 at the International OCD Foundation conference in Chicago, IL and Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare: Theory, Practice & Results, September 29, 2012.
  2. Perfectionism in the Workplace: Strategies and tips for getting your perfectionism to work for you rather than against in you in your work environment. Also, how to manage a perfectionistic boss, employee and/or coworker.
  3. Diagnosis and Treatment of OCD and Anxiety Disorders: A review of the diagnosis and treatment of OCD and other anxiety disorders including an emphasis on family involvement, the application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and technology based interventions.
  4. Future Directions of Cognitive Behavior Therapies: CBT, DBT, and ACT: Since the 1990′s Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has seen a myriad of variants loosely referred to as the “3rd wave” of CBT. Although all of these traditions are held together through a shared emphasis on empirically supported outcomes and learning theory, more recent iterations increase the focus on the therapeutic relationship, a systemic approach, and mindfulness based interventions. Similarities and differences amongst these traditions and how they lead to different interventions will be reviewed.- Next talk will be September 7, 2012 at McLean Hospital’s Depression, Anxiety and Stress conference in Boston, MA.

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    • March 29, 2012 Perfectionism and the Writing Process course as part of a three day event in Boston, MA. See the full schedule.

Past Speaking Engagements

    • May 2011/October 2010 Co-led a ten-day training on treatment of OCD for 90, Chinese, mental health providers at Shanghai Mental Health Center, Shanghai, China.
    • December 2010 Updates in the Assessment and Treatment of OCD. Presented at McLean Hospital’s Grand Rounds. Belmont, MA.
    • November 2010 Elias, J., Gruner, N., Twohig, M., Szymanski, J., Moquin, D., & Abramowitz, J. Treament of OCD During the CBT Renaissance. Panel Discussion at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies conference, San Francisco, CA.
    • July 2010 Bell, J., Doronn, S., McIngvale, E., Szymanski, J & Zasio, R. OCD in the Media: Portraying Challenges and Conveying Hope. Panel discussion at the International OCD Foundation annual conference, Washington, DC.
    • July 2010 Szymanski, J. & Bell, J. Strategies for Increasing Motivation. Presented at the International OCD Foundation annual conference, Washington, DC.
    • June 2010 Twohig, M. & Szymanski, J. How to Integrate Act into Your Existing Treatments for OCD. A workshop presented at the Annual World Conference VIII, Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, Reno, NV.
    • June 2010 Twohig, M., Szymanski, J., Kashdan, T., Herbert, J., & Follette, V. ACT Anxiety Research: Where is the Field Going in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders? Panel discussion at the Annual World Conference VIII, Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, Reno, NV.
    • June 2010 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Presented at Psychiatry in 2010, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.”